Your coffee friend to help you choose

Your coffee friend to help you choose

Many of us neither want nor can imagine our morning without fresh, tasty and aromatic coffee. From it we get the necessary dose of energy to wake up the mind and body, but what is really good coffee and how to find the one you like best? Everyone will probably answer this question differently, because a lot is undoubtedly determined by the power of habit - what kind of coffee we are used to everyday, so coffee experts do not give one specific answer, but offer several options, from which everyone can choose their favorite to enjoy really great. quality coffee to your taste. The following is a simple description of the main factors influencing the taste of coffee.

Coffee roasting.
• Light roast - light brown beans with a delicate, fruity taste and aroma.
• Medium toast - allows you to better feel the nuances of taste and aroma typical of the bean variety
• Dark toast - for exhilarating bitterness.
• Espresso toast - very dark, acts as an energy boost when fatigue threatens to prevail.

Grades of coffee grinding.
How finely or coarsely grind the coffee depends on the intended type of coffee brewing. If the contact of the coffee with water during the brewing process (extraction time) is very short (eg when making espresso), the coffee beans must be ground finely, but if the contact with the water is longer, for example using the in-cup method or the French press, the grind must be coarser. If the grind is too fine, the coffee will have a bitter bitterness, while if the grind is too coarse, then the coffee will not be able to give up the full potential of the taste and will not be able to taste its finer nuances of taste. When choosing a grind, we invite you to experiment to experience these differences, to find the most suitable grind for a particular coffee.

Important ! It should be remembered that ground coffee after opening:
• Store in a tightly closed container.
• should be used within 2 weeks to avoid loss of aroma.

Country of origin of coffee.
Coffee beans are sourced in more than 70 countries, mainly in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. There are more than 90 varieties of coffee trees in the world. The best places to grow coffee are in the tropical climate, and one such place is Brazil, where most coffee beans are harvested each year. Coffee develops different flavors, depending on the soil in which the coffee tree has grown, whether the coffee has grown in shady or sunny conditions and, of course, how carefully it is treated when harvested.

The main differences between the most popular countries of origin of coffee

Coffee beans grown in Brazil : Coffee with intense aroma, velvety notes of nuts and chocolate flavors. Coffee is usually dried in the sun, so it balances the sweet and bitter taste.

Coffee beans grown in Ethiopia : In this country of origin, coffee trees grow high in the mountains, in very rich soil. It is said that Ethiopian coffee has the most unique coffee taste. From these coffee beans you can make coffee with citrus and fruity notes.

Guatemalan coffee beans: These coffee beans have exquisite notes of caramel and honey. These beans are definitely best suited for drinking coffee drinks with milk.

Finding your favorite coffee is as serious as finding your favorite wine - the range of flavors and aromas is very large and many find it too wide and immeasurable, so many quickly succumb to their search for coffee. The best support and advisor is definitely a coffee connoisseur and you can find them with us in our stores. We are real coffee enthusiasts and we will be happy to help you find the right direction to find your favorite coffee and the most suitable way of making coffee for your daily rhythm.

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