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We are an enthusiastic team of coffee lovers and we cannot imagine our daily life without coffee. We believe that in addition to us, there are thousands of coffee lovers to whom we are ready to give our advice, knowledge and provide everything you need to enjoy excellent coffee. You can meet us at www.esmilukafiju.lv from anywhere and at any time, as well as physically located at 43 Valmieras Street and the Spice Home shopping center.


Jānis Peičs I Love Coffee

Jānis Peičs Director

Jānis drinks at least 10 cups of coffee every day! It is safe to say that Jānis loves coffee and is definitely in the right place! The world of coffee is attracted by the constant development and growth of the industry, as well as the people around you on a daily basis, from whom you can regularly learn and gain new experiences every day. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of these people can "pull" any person into the world of coffee.

Favorite coffee: black illy coffee
Childhood dream profession: firefighter
Hobby: Different team sports, best when outdoors!
Favorite goods: illy capsule machine and I love coffee Latvian roasted coffee

Ilze Čirkše | I Love Coffee

Ilze Rasmane | Sales Manager
The first acquaintance with coffee took place during adolescence while working in a 'coffee shop'. Even after a pause of several years, the desire to connect one's professional life in the coffee-related industry did not leave my heart. The favorite in this job is to learn every day and do what you really like and are interested in! New challenges, projects and ideas, this is Ilze's field!

Favorite coffee: Filter 'Specialty' coffee and illy capsule coffee
Childhood dream profession: Tram driver
Hobby: Board games, traveling, volleyball
Favorite items: Stollar - Sage Oracle and illy Art Collecion cups

Valērijs Salcevičs I Love Coffee
Valērijs Salcevičs Head of Administrative Processes
Valery associates this phrase with the coffee industry: "The deeper in the forest, the more firewood" or here everything is about and around constant movement and cognition. Given that coffee has been a close-knit drink since adolescence, it is a pleasure to associate your profession with it and be part of a large, professional coffee family, where coffee is an integral part of everyday life!

Favorite coffee: Filter 'Specialty' coffee
Childhood dream profession: Lawyer
Hobby: Book reading, cooking, traveling, yoga.
Favorite items: Chemex


Sanija Veinberga I Love Coffee

Sanija Veinberga Client consultant

Sanya came into the world of coffee from a child's feet, when coffee was like a forbidden fruit and the only way it could be enjoyed was to crackle milk foam from mom's cappucino. But such closer contact with coffee began to work already during the school years, starting to work in the service sector in the summer. Then I also became interested in how we go from the coffee plant to the coffee in our cup. It turns out that the world of coffee is one big and wide world, with an infinite number of directions to look at and explore. Sanya is very agile, careful and welcoming!

Favorite coffee: Filter 'Specialty' coffee and Cappuccino
Childhood dream profession: Two extremes - manicure or banking.
Hobbies: Trekking, tempering and winter swimming
Favorite items: Marc Quinn “Iris” illy Art Collecion cups and Hario Buono copper jug

Feja Nebova I Love Coffee

Fairy | Client consultant
A few years ago, Fairy first sipped filter coffee from Rocket Bean Roastery. This experience of black coffee was like an amazing, as yet undiscovered world, which was of great interest to explore. Coffee attracts the most emotions from drinking it. Coffee for one. Coffee - That's kaifs! You should also drink a cup of coffee with Fairy! A real bombshell of positivism!

Favorite coffee: Filter 'Specialty' coffee, medium roasted
Childhood dream profession: Salesman
Hobbies: Play and watch theater, read books, sports
Favorite items: Hario scales and tampers


Aida Griestiņa I Love Coffee

Aida Griestiņa Client consultant
Aida has devoted herself to this work with all her heart - an integral part of our coffee-loving family! When it comes to coffee, it feels like a fish in water, this is Aida's heart's work - not for nothing Aida has called her dog Chemex! Aida is amazingly and persistently facing her goals, she is a sincere, true and inspiring person!

Favorite coffee: Filter coffee made by "Chemex" and, of course, espresso
Childhood dream profession: Artist
Hobby: Tattooing, drawing, sports
Favorite items: KeepCup mugs and Porlex coffee grinders


Anete Paukša | Client consultant
Anete's first experience with coffee was her mother-in-law's home-drinking instant coffee "Summer" with a lot of milk and sugar. Working in various coffee shops, her experience and knowledge of coffee has grown, and although Anete has tried to do something else, she also always returns to work related to coffee. Anete's most important task for herself is for the customer to go home happy, knowledgeable and able to make coffee like in a cafe after visiting the store.

Favorite coffee: Filter 'Specialty' coffee, medium roasted
Childhood dream profession: Salesman
Hobbies: Play and watch theater, read books, sports
Favorite items: Hario scales and tampers


Elizabete Čerpova | Client consultant

"I have met wonderful people with coffee and done good deeds. Since I got acquainted with it, I can say that it is not just coffee, it is a magical, inspiring and bringing drink ”- says Elizabete.

Favorite coffee: Cappuccino
Childhood dream profession: Dentist, flower seller
Hobby: Graphic design
Favorite items: Keepcup illy BREW glass, Mitaca milk frother


Darja Juhņeviča Client consultant

The love of coffee comes from childhood, with warm conversations with my mother. But its real and serious relationship with coffee began with working as a barista in one of the city's best cafes - " Innocent cafe ". When an outstanding espresso meets milk to create the perfect latte art it is real magic.

Favorite coffee: illy cappuccino with oat milk. Childhood dream profession: Hollywood actress Hobby: traveling, reading books, active sports. Favorite items: Damman tea, illy y3.2 capsule machine and milk frother

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