Ground coffee machines

Ground coffee machines

Coffee-rich mornings in your home or office!

It is said that life is too short to drink bad coffee. We believed that the feelings that a mug of well-made coffee can give cannot be replaced by anything else, so coffee machines for home and office use must be chosen with special care. We know how to make your everyday coffee cup more enjoyable than ever before, and we will help you choose!

Enjoying coffee - a pleasant and valuable ritual

Coffee is an aromatic, delicious and exquisite charge of energy, without which the morning often does not seem imaginable. The drink, which is native to sunny Ethiopia, has been able to conquer the coffee tables of great rulers and world-famous artists in ancient times, as well as a place in the kitchen of almost every family and company today.

Why is that?

Over time, it has been proven that drinking coffee is not only a pleasant but also a valuable ritual. Namely, coffee:
- increases energy
- helps to concentrate
- improves physical activity
- promotes the burning of excess calories
- reduces the risks and symptoms of various diseases.

How to choose the most suitable coffee machine?

We are convinced that excellent, restaurant-level coffee should also be enjoyed at home, in the office and at every workplace. Therefore, if you want to start the morning or welcome guests with a restaurant-level coffee cup, an automatic coffee machine is exactly what you need!

I love the coffee shop, we offer excellent coffee making solutions for homes and offices. They have been selected on the basis of many years of professional experience in the coffee industry and an understanding of the wishes of coffee lovers.

Before purchase, coffee machines are comparable according to the following criteria:
- category - capsule coffee machines will allow you to make a drink of the desired strength and type in an instant, but the bean machine will prepare fresh, freshly ground coffee in front of your eyes;
- manufacturer - the equipment we offer has been selected from proven manufacturers who have gone into the nuances of coffee making, just like us: illy, Jura, Stollar - Sage, Siemens, Melitta, Segafredo and other popular brands of the best machines
- type of capsules - determines which manufacturer's coffee capsules you will enjoy in the future, so before buying we definitely offer to taste
- price - coffee machines are available in the widest range of prices, from economical budget class solutions for home needs, to sophisticated, intuitive equipment for high-class service.

We are here to help you find the right coffee solution for you! Before making an important decision, we invite you to visit us at one of the I love coffee shops to taste and make sure that the coffee machine meets your taste!

When choosing a beverage preparation device, the purpose and frequency of its use must also be taken into account - coffee machines for peaceful coffee enjoyment in a small apartment will be different from a suitable device for an active office with high daily coffee consumption. Our knowledgeable and certified coffee expert team will always be happy to help you choose the coffee machine with the most suitable performance and technical parameters.

In order to facilitate the care of the technical side of the devices, we provide service and coffee machine care products that meet the highest quality standards.

To carefreely enjoy excellent coffee both at home and in the office, choose the most suitable beverage preparation device, as well as combine the enjoyment with excellent, freshly roasted coffee beans together with I love coffee!
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