How to use illy Y3.2 coffee machine + VIDEO

How to use illy Y3.2 coffee machine + VIDEO

To use illy coffee machine is simpler than simple. It has buttons, one for switching on and two for making coffee. A button with the small cup is designed to make espresso, a button with the big cup is designed to make black, longer coffee.
Illy X7.1. using the coffee machine - VIDEO

Illy X7.1. using the coffee machine - VIDEO

Illy X.7 coffee machine - this will be a useful video for everyone who has long wanted this beautiful illy coffee machine!

Valery will introduce the use of the illy X7.1 coffee machine! Watch the video and learn how to make black coffee, espresso, cappuccino, frothing milk foam and program the drink volumes!

This illy coffee machine works on the latest generation of illy capsules - illy iperespresso. See all compatible capsules here

If you want to be completely sure before the important purchase, be sure to visit one of our stores, let's try the coffee machine together, as well as make all the delicious drinks again!

Great coffee at home too

Great coffee at home too

Only black or white coffee is a thing of the past, because today cafes and restaurants offer a variety of coffees. But do you really have to go to a fine coffee place to enjoy one of your favorite drinks? In fact, no. Invigorating espresso, creamy latte or cappuccino with a pattern in milk foam - you can also make such coffee at home.

What is to blame for “ordinary” sliced coffee?

Many people drink a cup of sliced coffee, and it is one of the fastest and most popular ways to enjoy coffee at home. However, coffee experts are not happy about it, because there are several disadvantages. Namely, if coffee is brutally poured into boiling water, it "burns", "closes", loses its taste and aroma. In addition, often such sloppy coffee stands on the table, is drawn in and slightly forgotten, thus releasing more caffeine. If this stimulant is not desirable for the body, it is better to choose other ways of making coffee, where water comes into contact with coffee for a shorter time. In this sense, the espresso coffee made in the machine is very good - water under pressure flows through the coffee in half a minute, and the result is a very strong coffee, but it has relatively little caffeine.

Coffee in a torture can

People tend to buy the so-called Italian torment cans, in which water boils in the lower compartment and pushes through the coffee tank with the help of steam pressure, pouring coffee out of the upper part of the can. Here are some conditions to make the mocha really enjoyable - it is better to use a slightly coarser ground coffee than in an espresso machine, so that the water passes through the coffee fast enough. If the grind is very fine, the water will push through longer and the coffee will be more bitter as a result. It is recommended to pour already hot water (not boiling) in a mocha can and put it on a warm stove (better on the so-called "small fire"). If everything is cold, the water will warm longer and the coffee will heat up, but this is not desirable. When you hit the right temperature and with a suitable coffee, you can also get a creamy layer of foam in the can - though true, not as beautiful and thick as those made in an espresso machine.

Coffee brewing

While some enjoy a variety of "delicious" coffees with milk foam and additives, others are engaged in brewing coffee and enjoying the taste of as pure coffee as possible, experimenting with coffee varieties, roasting grades and grinding nuances. The tools are also diverse, including alchemist-worthy glassware with a burner and a vacuum system (siphon). Also popular are coffee air presses, which can be used in different ways, and the result is black, relatively strong coffee. The filter is thinned, and this press must use a specific ground coffee, coarser than, for example, espresso. You can also take such a press with you on a picnic or on a long hike, because it is small, light and practical.

Preparation of Chemex

One of the simple and very manual ways of brewing coffee is coffee in a chemex container - with this special brewing method you can get a clear and light coffee in terms of texture, because the special filter contains a lot, so the coffee is not too strong in taste, but it contains caffeine. more than espresso. To make chemex coffee, you need a special jug and a special, very fine coffee filter. First, a filter is placed in the opening of the chemex container, then it is first moistened by pouring hot water from a special jug, the spout of which is designed so that the jet is soft and even. The water is then drained from the chemex, coffee is poured into a wet filter (classic ratio 60-65 g of coffee per 1 liter of water) and, in a circular motion of hot water (about half), the coffee is slightly wetted and waited for a while, allowing the coffee to "bloom". can extract essential oils and other benefits. Then pour the remaining water over the coffee in a slow circular motion. It is important that the coffee is loaded evenly in the filter and not with a hill, as this will extract it more evenly. Then remove the filter, shake the jug a little and pour into double-glazed glasses.

How to froth milk if there is no milk frother?

If there is no special frother for milk, it can be whipped in a French press coffee pot. Heat the milk until bubbles appear (but do not boil), pour about a third into the press can, place the press and, whisking it up and down, the whipped milk. Definitely not as creamy and frothy as with a steam or electric frother, but there will be no fault! How to draw a heart in milk foam? Three things are important - the opportunity to make a good espresso with a thick layer of coffee foam (you will need a coffee machine), frothing milk in the right consistency and training in this art (it even has a name - latte art). • Make espresso first. Once the coffee has been poured from the machine into the cup, shake it, gently circling, so that the thick cream foam spreads along the walls of the cup. • Whipped milk - preferably one that contains at least 3 g of protein per 100 ml. The best consistency for drawing hearts, leaves and other drawings is creamy and as imperceptible as possible for air bubbles. The milk temperature should ideally be 63 degrees. If there is no thermometer, you can determine by hand - when it will be difficult to hold the jug, the milk is ready. § • When pouring milk into a cup, the most important thing is to pour the frothed milk first, keeping the milk jug relatively high and aiming the milk in the center of the jug. Then gradually, in a circular motion, pour on the edges, bringing the jug closer to the cup. Depending on the skill, the foam will end up with a heart or just a white milk spot, but it can be turned into an art. For example, take liquid glazed chocolate (in a tube for decors), press it around the circle of white spots and then use a toothpick to create drawings. Take a look at - there are practical and easy-to-understand video tips for both coffee making and milk pouring!

Whatever your preferences for making coffee - using a coffee grinder, air press, coffee decanter or a powerful coffee machine, welcome to our stores at 43 Valmieras Street, shopping center "Spice Home" and "Riga Plaza", where experienced coffee experts will provide valuable advice on the best coffee and cappucino, also using well-known brands of breweries such as Brewista, Chemex, Hario and Wilfa. Let's wait!

Why choose a coffee capsule machine?

Why choose a coffee capsule machine?

With a small but capable capsule coffee machine, a powerful espresso or a gentle latte will be ready in a few seconds! There are many advantages to this choice, from the democratic price to the ease of use, so coffee capsule machines are rapidly gaining popularity for both home and small office use. Such a coffee machine can also serve as a great gift for a coffee lover, for whom it is important to spend as little time as possible in this process, but still get a drink of excellent quality. When coffee comes into contact with the air, it loses more than 40% of its aroma in as little as 8 hours, but the coffee capsule contains the right ground coffee, which retains its freshness for a long time and is just enough to make the coffee always perfect and aromatic.

Outstanding design
Even the most compact Illy capsule dispensers stand out with a well-thought-out design created by Italian architect Pierre Lisoni, which will suit any interior. All you have to do is choose between a classic red, white or elegant black solution, because everything ingenious is simple. Illy capsule machines can be purchased starting from 99 euros. For those who attach special importance to style and taste, "I Love Coffee" offers a wide range of exclusive coffee capsule machines, which in principle are no different from their counterparts in restaurants. Not to mention - the smallest appliances are easy to take with you, for example, to a summer house.
A good companion to any coffee capsule machine will be the milk frother needed to make coffee drinks, such as cappucino, latte, flat white, etc. A pleasant bonus - the milk frother will also be useful for heating cocoa or mulled wine, and not only that, it can also melt chocolate, make matcha latte, froth the milk and apply it in many more ways!

Illy coffee capsules
Illy's unique taste is hard to confuse with any other coffee - it is rich, soft and velvety with sweet notes of fruit, chocolate and caramel. This characteristic taste of Illy coffee is remembered from the very first cup and is the same every time coffee is made. The secret of the taste of Illy coffee capsules is a mixture of nine different premium arabica coffees from four continents - all determined by carefully calculated proportions, with Illy experts developing the perfect ratio of coffees, which is constant in each capsule. Monoarabica coffee-flavored capsules from only one country of origin are also available.

Medium Roast (medium roast)
With the special taste of Illy - balanced, softly velvety, with pleasantly sweet notes of fruit, caramel and chocolate. Ideal for making all types of coffee.

Dark Roast
Intense taste with notes of toasted bread and aftertaste of dark chocolate. Recommended for making ristretto and with milk.

Decaffeinated (decaffeinated)
The same taste of the popular medium-roasted Illy coffee with all the benefits of decaffeinated coffee.

Medium roasted coffee in IperEspresso capsules, designed to make larger amounts of coffee without losing the special taste of espresso and thick foam.

The special Monoarabica series is designed to allow coffee lovers to enjoy each ingredient of Illy's great coffee separately, as Illy's classic taste is a mixture of several arabica coffees. There are a total of six types of arabica coffee, each with its own distinctive taste, depending on the region of origin.

Types of capsules
- The coffee from the capsule goes straight into the coffee cup, avoiding the remnants of old coffee.
- There is no aggressive pouring of coffee with water.
- Pre-brewing takes place - first the coffee is "blossomed" or opened, preparing it for use, just like with professional coffee machines. Only then is the required amount of water added, so the coffee tastes the best it can get from the capsule.
- IperEspresso are special membranes that are first moistened with water, but then they level out in the plane and pass through the coffee evenly.
- High water pressure flows through the capsule to "release" all the smells and tastes of coffee.

- The first, oldest type of capsule. They may contain paper and may retain the taste of the paper because they cannot withstand water pressure.
- The greenest and most environmentally friendly alternative.

- Nespresso - the most famous capsule brand in the world. Nespresso compatible capsules of any other brand can be used in Nespresso machines.
- The aluminum coating on the capsule preserves the taste and aroma of the coffee for longer.
- Biodegradable capsules are also available.
- Pre-brewing does not take place.
- There are also reusable capsules, but they do not guarantee the quality of the drink, as it is not clear how fresh the coffee is in the capsule.

Environmental effects of capsules
We invite you to return the used capsules to the "I love coffee" store, from where they are delivered for recycling to SIA ECO Baltia Vide.
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