How to use illy Y3.2 coffee machine + VIDEO



It has never been so easy to use illy coffee machine Y3.3 . It has buttons, one for switching on and two for making coffee. A button with the small cup is designed to make espresso, a button with the big cup is designed to make black, longer coffee. First steps of using a coffee machine:

1. Pour water into the coffee machine tank. It is desirable to be filtered, because it will reduce the risk of calcification of the coffee machine and improve the taste of coffee. We recommend that you use a BWT water filter jug.

2.Turn on the machine and program our preferred coffee flow time for each of the drinking buttons. We open the timer on the phone and press and hold the drink button when the timer starts, and release when the specified seconds have elapsedFor the espresso button after illy recipe, recommended is 25 seconds, but no more than 30 sec. For the black coffee button45 seconds are recommended, but not more than 50 sec. After programming the two buttons, the machine will remember this time, and every next time you don't have to hold the button, but just press it.

3. With this programming action, we've also rinsed up the coffee system and the coffee machine is ready to work.

4. Put the appropriate capsule in, press the button, and wait for a cup of brilliant illy coffee. A creamy and thick layer of coffee crema shows quality of fresh and aromatic coffee. Remember that one capsule is designed to make one coffee. Repeated use of the capsule can damage the coffee machine and, of course, the taste of coffee will be very far from desired.


List of compatible espresso capsules.
List of compatible black coffee capsules.

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